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Rainbow Party

Look what we found in the Pot of Gold – A brand new, shiny Rainbow Party Theme which is bursting with colour and fun!!!

How much?

Only $155 for 10 children – Pick-up. All our themes are quoted based on pick-up, this is how we are able to keep our prices down. Should you require delivery and/or pickup, please contact Organised Chaos for a quote.

Photo gallery

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Got more than 10 coming?

Our packages are for parties of 10, if you have more coming, extras are $5 each, (this covers the cost of a stool, 2x plates, bottle, straw etc) . The standard $155 setup includes 2x tables which can fit up to 14 children. Contact me for parties of more than 14

$155 for 10 children
  • 10x stools (mixed colours)
  • 2x trestle tables
  • 1x premium white tablecloth
  • 10x bottles (rainbow themed)
  • 1x rainbow table runner
  • 1x coloured skirt for stool
  • 10x coloured striped straws*
  • 20x small plates*
  • 2x clouds
  • 3x plants in pots
  • 3x circle spin wheels
  • 3x hanging ball decorations
  • 2x dream signs
  • 1x length of bunting
  • 3x colour pinwheels
  • 10x balloons*
  • 1x balloon pump
  • 1x welcome Board

$5 each

incl. stool, plates, bottle/straw

* Items marked with an asterisk are none returnable

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