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Chaos Wars

The Force is strong with this party!

The Chaos Wars Party is perfect for the Star Wars Fans out there. Complete with both Darth Vadar and Yoda heads that light up! Choose to sit on either the Jedi side lead by Yoda or the Imperial side lead by Darth Vadar!

How much?

Only $155 for 10 kids – Pick-up. All our themes are quoted based on pick-up, this is how we are able to keep our prices down. Should you require delivery and/or pickup, please contact Organised Chaos for a quote.

Photo gallery

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Got extra kids?

Our packages are for parties of 10, if you have more kids coming, extras are $5 each, (this covers the cost of a stool, stool cover, 2x plates, bottle, straw etc) . The standard $155 setup includes 2x tables which can fit up to 14 children. Contact me for parties of more than 14

$155 for 10 kids!
  • 10x stools with Chaos Wars theme covers
  • 2x trestle tables
  • 1x black table cloth
  • 1x planet trench table runner
  • 10x bottles
  • 10x straws*
  • 10x small plates*
  • 10x large plates*
  • 1x Yoda head
  • 1x Darth Vadar head
  • 1x Millennium Falcon (for parties over 14)
  • 2x Light Sabers
  • 3x hanging balls
  • 2x lengths of bunting
  • 1x small Darth Vadar
  • 5x small Storm Troopers
  • 3x small Yodas
  • 1x Luke Skywalker figurine
  • 1x Welcome board
  • 10x balloons*

$5 each

incl. stool, stool cover, 2x plates, bottle/straw etc

* Items marked with an asterisk are none returnable


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